22 June 2010

Namoththunam sutra (expressing respect to the virtuous) - 1/3

Seventh Lesson of Samayik

Namoththunam sutra (expressing respect to the virtuous)

(Establishing the right knee on the ground and keeping upright the left knee, folding the two hands and keeping them joined near the head, we should recite the three Namoththunas)

First Namoththunam

Pahelun Namoththunam Shree Ananta Sidhdha Bhagvantji Ne Karun Chhun – firstly I recite namoththunam to infinte Lord Sidhdhas.

Namoththunam – let my respects be to

Arihantanam – Lord Arihantas

Bhagvantanam – Gods

Aigaranam – the first promoters of religion

Tiththayaranam – the founders of four tirthas – sadhu, sadhvi, shravak, shravika

Sayam-sambudhdhanam – the self enlightened ones

Purisuttamanam – supreme among all humans

Purisasihanam – like the lions among human-beings

Purisavar Pundariyanam – like the best Pundarik lotuses among the humans

Purisa-var-gandhahaththinam – like the best elephant among the humans

Loguttamanam – topmost in the Universe

Loga-Nahanam – the Masters of the Universe

Loga-Hianam – beneficent to all the lives in the Universe

Loga-Paivanam – like a lamp in the Universe

Loga-Pajjoagaranam – like sun enlightening the Universe

Abhayadayanam – donors of security or protection

Chakhkhudayanam – bestowers of vision in the form of knowledge

Maggadayanam – demonstrators of the right religious path

Saran Dayanam – givers of shelter

Jivdayanam – savers of souls

Bohidayanam – preachers of right faith

Dhammadayanam – the showers of religious path

Dhammadesayanam – the preachers of religion

Dhammanayaganam – the leaders of religion

Dhammasarhinam – charioteers of religion

Dhammavar – prime in the religion

Chauranta-Chakka-Vattinam – the great emperors (chakravati) for ending the souls transmigration from four birth cycles

DivoTanam – an island for the souls sinking in the life ocean who are protection incarnate (removers of grief)

Sarana Gai Paiththanam – saviours in four birth-cycle of the souls in the life ocean

Appadihayavara – who cannot be killed or obstructed the best

Nanadansana-Dharanam – bearers of absolute knowledge and vision

Viatta-Chhaumanam – gone is whose ignorance

Jinanam – victors of likes and dislikes

Javayanam – causing others to win their likes and dislikes

Tinnanam – who have swimmed over the life-ocean of transmigration

Tarayanam – life-bouys for others

Budhdhanam – the self enlightened ones

Bohayanam – inspirers of enlightened faith to others

Muttanam – self liberated from karmas

Moaganam – liberators of others from eight karmas

Savvannunam – the Omniscient Lords

Savvadarisinam – with all pervading vision

Siva – free from calamity

Mayala – firm like a mountain

Maruya – free from diseases

Mananta – endless

Makhkhaya – undestructable

Mavvabaha – conquerors of pain and sorrow

Mapunaravitti – where there is no return to sansar

Siddhi gai – the position to liberation

Namdheyam – by that immortal name

Thanam – and place

Sampattanam – who have achieved

Namo Jinanam – I bow down, Oh ! Lord Jineshwar

Jiya Bhayanam – conqueror of seven fears

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