24 June 2010

2nd Namoththunam sutra (2/3)

2nd Namoththunam sutra (2/3)

Second Namoththunam

Beejun Namoththunam, je vartman kale panch-maha-videha kshetra man Tirthankar dev biraje tamne karun chhun – In this second namoththunam, I pay respect to Tirthankars staying at present in five great videha territories

Note – Now one has to repeat the first namoththunam from the words “namoththunam” upto “Thanam” then recite the following –

Sampaviukamanam – who are desirous of obtaining liberation

Namo Jinanam – I bow down, Oh ! Lord Jineshwar

Jiya Bhayanam – conqueror of seven fears

Vandaminam – I bow down to you

Bhagvantam – Oh ! Lord

Taththagayam – you are staying there

Ehagaye – I am here

Pasaome – please see me

Bhagvanta – Oh ! Lord

Taththagaye – you are staying there

Ehagayam – I bow down from here

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