25 June 2012

Tatvarth Sutra: Summary for Aspects of Reality

Path To Liberation
Rational (proper) perception, rational knowledge and rational
conduct together constitute the path to liberation. (1)
Rational Perception
Belief in reality (substances ascertained as they are) is
rational perception.
It is attained by intuition or by acquisition of knowledge.
Aspects Of Reality
Reality has seven aspects: (2)
1. Souls
2. Inanimate entities
3. Influx of karmic matter towards soul
4. Bondage of soul by karmic matter
5. Stoppage of influx of karmic matter towards soul
6. Shedding of karmic matter by soul
7. Liberation of soul from karmic matter
Reality is understood through experimentation (3) and logical thinking.
Understanding an entity or concept entails the consideration of its description, ownership, cause, place, duration and classification.
It also entails knowing its existence, number, extent, area, time, distinguishing features, quality and comparison.
Kinds Of Knowledge
Knowledge is of five kinds:
Sensory cognition
Literal knowledge (4)
Extraordinary knowledge (clairvoyance)
Mental knowledge (telepathy)
Absolute knowledge (omniscience)
Sensory cognition includes recollection, recognition, induction and deduction. It is acquired by the help of the senses and the mind.
Scriptural knowledge is preceded by sensory cognition.
The subject of extraordinary knowledge is matter, including embodied soul.
The subtlest forms of matter forms the subject of mental
All the entities of the universe, including their modifications, form the subject of absolute knowledge.
Sensory cognition, literal knowledge and extraordinary knowledge can be wrong knowledge.