17 June 2010

Logassa (A Jin Prayer)

Fifth Lesson of Samayik


Logassa – in the entire Universe

Ujjoyagare – causing pleasant light

Dhamma Tiththayare – Founders of the Four Tirthas (rescuers)

Jine – The conquerors of attachment and hatred

Arihante – Lord Arihantas, the destroyers of Karma Foes ( Karma : effective power of past activities)

Kittaissam – I gloriously praise

Chauvisam – the Twenty-Four

Pi – and all others

Kevali – Omniscent Lords

Usabha – (I bow to) Rushabhdev Swami (1)

Majiyam – Ajitnath Swami (2)

Cha – and

Vande – I bow down to

Sambhava – Sambhavnath Swami (3)

Mabhinandanam – Abhinandan Swami (4)

Cha – and

Sumaim – Sumatinath Swami (5)

Cha – and

Paumappaham – Padmaprabhu Swami (6)

Supasam – Suparshavanath Swami (7)

Jinam – the conquerors of attachment and hatred

Cha – and to

Chandppaham – Chandraprabhu Swami (8)

Vande – I bow down to

Suvihim – Suvidhinath Swami (9)

Cha – and whose second name is

Puphphadantam – Pushpadanta Swami

Siala – Shitalnath Swami (10)

Sijjamsa – Shreyansanath Swami (11)

Vasupujjam – Vasupujya Swami (12)

Cha – and

Vimala – Vimalnath Swami (13)

Mananatam – Ananthnath Swami (14)

Cha – and to

Jinam – Jinas who have conquered love and hatred

Dhamman – Dharmanath Swami (15)

Santim – Shantinath Swami (16)

Cha – and

Vandami – I bow down to

Kunthum – Kunthunath Swami (17)

Aram – Arnath Swami (18)

Cha – and

Mallim – Mallinath Swami (19)

Vande – I bow down to

Munisuvvayam – Munisuvrata Swami (20)

Nami – Naminath Swami (21)

Jinam – Jinas, the conquerors of Karmas

Cha – and

Vandami – I bow down to

Riththnemim – Aristanemi i.e. Neminath Swami (22)

Pasam – Parsavanath Swami (23)

Taha – and also to

Vadhdhamanam – Vardhman i.e. Mahavir Swami (24)

Cha – and

Evam – in this way

Mae – by me

Abhithua – are praised

Vihuya Raya mala – those who have removed the Karma dust and the Karma dirt

Pahina Jara Marana – who have subdued or destroyed the old age and death

Chauvisam – the Twenty Four

Pi – and all other

Jinavara – Omnisient Jinas

Tiththayara Me – Tirthankaras with me

Pasiyantu – be pleased (5)

Kittiya – (I have) praised you ( by speech)

Vandiya – bowed down (to you physically)

Mahiya – worshipped (you mentally)

Je E – who are in

Logassa – the Universe

Uttama – the Best

Siddha – Liberated Souls

Arugga – (may deliver my soul) health (i.e. may free my soul from diseases of Karma)

Bohi Iabham – (may bestow upon me) the benefits of clear and right faith

Samahi Var Muttamam – and deep meditation the Supreme position (of the liberated souls)

Dintu – may They give me

Chandesu Nimmalayara – more than Moon you are purer

Aichchesu Ahiyam Payasayara – than Sun more Enlightening Light Giver

Sagarvara Gambhira – like great ocean you are deeply calm

Sidhdha – Oh Lord Siddhas

Sidhdhim – Liberation (emancipation)

Mama Disantu – upon me may be bestowed

The Meaning and explanation of the fifth lesson
This lesson has seven verses. The names of the twenty four Tirthankars and their Virtues are praised. They have achieved Liberation (Moksha) by destroying their eight Karmas. We should follow their foot steps to gain those Virutes to achieve the position of eternal peace and happiness.

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