13 June 2010

Iriyavahiyam Sutra (Expiation or Atonement)

3rd Lesson in Samayik

IRIYAVAHIYAM SUTRA (Expiation or Atonement)

Ichhchhami – I desire to

Padikkamium – Remove (Free) myself from Sin

Iriya Vahiyae – While walking on the road

Virahanae – I may have pained (distressed) the living beings

Gamanagamane – While coming and going

Panakkamane – I may have crushed the living beings

Biyakkamane – I may have crushed the live (animate) seeds

Hariyakkamane – I may have crushed the (live) plants

Osa – The dew

Uttinga – The anthills

Panaga – The moss of five colors

Daga – The live water

Matti – The live earth

Makkada – The webs of the spiders

Santana – The expansion of the spider’s webs

Sankkamane – I may have crushed

Je – Whoever

Me – By me

Jiva – Living beings

Virahiya – May have been caused pain or tormented

Egindiya – The souls having one sense i.e. the sense of touch (e.g. earth, water, fire, air and plants)

Beindiya – The souls with two senses namely, the sense of touch and taste (e.g. worms, water worms, the conch, shell, etc.)

Teindiya – The souls with three senses i.e. the sense of touch, taste and smell (e.g. ants, black ants, lice, bigger lice, etc.)

Chaurindiya – The souls with four senses namely the sense of touch, taste, smell and vision (e.g. flies, bees, wasps, etc.)

Panchindiya – The souls with all the five senses namely the sence of touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing, (e.g. beings of water – fishes, etc., beings of land – animals like horses, etc., beings flying in the sky – birds, etc., all animals, men , heaven dwellers and hell dwellers.

Abhihaya – May have beaten or struck while coming

Vattiya – May have covered or mixed with dust, etc.

Lesiya – May have rubbed

Sanghaiya – May have collided with one another

Sanghattiya – May have caused pain by touching or tilting

Pariyaviya – May have tormented (by entirely turning upside down)

Kilamiya – May have inflicted pain to them

Udaviya – May have frightened them

Thanao-Thanam – from one place to another

Sankamiya – May have shifted

Jeeviyao – from life

Vavaroviya – May have separated from life or made life-less

Tassa Michhchha Mi Dukkadam – that mine bad act or sin may be forgiven

The Meaning and Explanation of the Third Lesson

In this lesson we beg humbly for forgiveness for whatever sins which might have been committed by us knowingly or unknowingly. The details of possible sins are given and thus by begging for forgiveness, we become light from sins (i.e. free from the possible Karma-Dust).

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