30 October 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 7

tvatsamstavena bhavasantatisannibaddham
paapam kshanaatkshayamupaiti shariirabhaajaam
suuryaamshubhinnamiva shaarvaramandhakaaram [7]

tvatsaMstavena bhavasantatisannibaddhaM
pApaM kSaNAtkSayamupaiti zarIrabhAjAM
sUryAMzubhinnamiva zArvaramandhakAraM [7]

On worshiping you, embodied beings are unfettered from the chain of rebirth,
And sins are destroyed in an instant.
Just as the sun's rays rapidly dispel, The complete darkness, black as a bee, 

which overruns the world at night.

29 October 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 6


alpashrutam shrutavataam parihaasadhaamam
tvadbhaktireva mukhariikurute balaanmaam
yatkokilah kil madhau madhuram virauti
taccaarucuutakalikaanikaraikahetuh [6]

alpazrutaM zrutavatAM parihAsadhAmaM
tvadbhaktireva mukharIkurute balAnmAM
yatkokilaH kil madhau madhuraM virauti
taccArucUtakalikAnikaraikahetuH [6]

Having little knowledge, I am the butt of ridicule of the learned.
It is only devotion towards you that compels me to be loquacious.
Verily, the cuckoo sings sweetly in spring,
Because of the pleasing multitudes of buds on the mango tree. 

28 October 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 5

so'ham tathaapi tava bhaktivashaanmuniisha
karttum stavam vigatashaktirapi pravrttah
priityaatmaviiryamvicaarya mrgo mrgendram
naa'bhyeti kim nijashishohparipaalanaartham [5]

so'ham tathApi tava bhaktivazAnmunIza
karttuM stavaM vigatazaktirapi pravRttaH
prItyAtmavIryamvicArya mRgo mRgendraM
nA'bhyeti kiM nijazizoHparipAlanArthaM [5]

O lord of the sages!
Despite lacking the ability of composing this eulogy,
I attempt to do so out of devotion to you.
Out of love, without considering its own strength,
Doesn't the deer take on the lion, To protect its young one?

27 October 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 4

vaktum gunaan gunasamudra shashaankakaataan
kaste kshamah suragurupratimo'pi buddhyaa
ko va tariitumalamambunidhim bhujaabhyaam [4]

vaktuM guNAn guNasamudra zazANkakAntAn
kaste kSamaH suragurupratimo'pi buddhyA
ko vA tarItumalamambunidhiM bhujAbhyAM [4]

O ocean of qualities that glow like the moonlight,
Who has the capacity of the preceptor of the demigods,
To recite your qualities? In the storm of the destruction of the whole world,
When agitated crocodiles infest the waters, Who can swim across such an ocean?

25 October 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 3

buddhyA vinApi vibudhArcitapAdapITha
stotuM samudyatamatirvigatatrapo'haM

bAlaM vihAya jalasaMsthitamindubimbaM
anyaH ka icchati janaH sahasA grahItuM  [3]

Despite lacking intelligence,
I am shamelessly eager to compose a eulogy to you,
Whose very footstool is honoured by the learned.
Other than a child, who else would wish to pounce
Upon the Moon reflected in water?


Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 2

yaH saMstutaH sakalavAMgmayatattvabodhAt
udbhUtabuddhipaTubhiH suralokanAthaiH
stoSye kilAhamapi taM prathamaM jinendraM  [2]

Mastering the essence of the entire scripture,
The resulting intelligence was used skilfully by the Indras,
For creating extended verses of praise for him who has captured the hearts of the three worlds,
It is astonishing that I too begin a eulogy of that first Jina (Bhagavan Adinatha).

24 October 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 1

uddyotakaM dalitapApatamovitAnaM
samyakpraNamyajinapAdayugaM yugAdau
AlambanaM bhavajale patatAM janAnAM  [1]

Reflector of the gems in the crowns of the demi-gods who worship you,
Destroyer of the dark clusters of sins,
Saviour of those who were stuck in the cycle of transmigration from the beginning of time,
I worship such a Jina's feet with true devotion.

23 October 2009

Selections from Vira Bhakti

ye viira-paadau pranamanti nityam
dhyaana-sthitaah samyama yoga yuktah
te viita-shoka hi bhavanti lokai
samsaara-durga vishamam taranti

Those who worship the feet of Vira {Mahavira} continually,
Remaining in meditation and undertaking restraint,
Attain freedom from sorrow in this world
And transcend the citadel of transmigration.

22 October 2009

Excerpt from Kalpasutra - 2

taye nam samane bhagavam mahaaviire arahaa jaaye jine kevalii savvannuu savvadarisii sadevamanuyaasurassa logassa pariyaayam jaanai paasai, savvaloe savvajiivaanam aagaim gatim thiim cavanam uvavaayam takkam mano maanasiyam bhuttam kadam padiseviyam aavikammam rahokammam arahaa arihassa bhaagii, tam tam kaalam manavayanakaayajoge vattamaanaanam savvaloye savvajiivaanam savvabhaave jaanamaane paasamaane viharati [121]

Thus, the ascetic Bhagavan Mahavira became an Arihanta, Jina and Kevali, knowing and seeing all. He could perceive all the demigods, humans, and demons of the world in all their manifestations. He knew the arrival, form of life, duration of life, birth, misfortunes, reasoning, thought processes, food habits and actions, whether open or secret, of all the living beings in all the worlds.

To an Arihanta, there are no secrets. As he wanders, he knows and perceives all the acts of mind, speech and body taking place at that time, and the dispositions of all the living beings in all the worlds.

21 October 2009

Excerpt from Kalpasutra - 1

vijayenam muhuttenam jambhiyagaamassa nagarassa bahiyaa ujuvaaliyaae naiie tiire veyaavattassa ceiiyassa aduurasaamante saamaagassa katthakaranasmi saalapaayavassa ahe godohiyaae ukkuduyanisijjaaye aayaavanaaye aayaavemaanassa chatthenam bhattenam apaanayenam hatthuttaraahim nakkattenam jogamuvaagaenam jhaanamtariyaae vattamaanassa anamte anuttare nivvaaghaaye niraavarane kasine padipunne kevalavaranaanadamsane samupanne [120]

 During the Vijaya muhurta {a certain time of the day}, outside the city of Jrmbhika on the banks of the river Rjuvalika, in proximity of a temple in disrepair, in the fields of a householder named Shyamaka, beneath a Shala tree {Latin name – vatica robusta}, seated in the godohika posture {seated with heels together, as if milking a cow} of meditation, practising the penance known as atapana {penance under the hot sun}, when he had completed two days of a three day fast known as Chhatta, under the constellation known as Hastottara, the meditating Vardhamana attained the boundless, excellent, agitation-free, obstruction-free, entire and perfect omnitude of knowledge and perception.

15 October 2009

Logassa ... in English


~ English adaptation

logassa ujjoyagare, dhamma titthayare jine
arihante kittaissam, cauviisam pi kevalii ॥1॥

Who bring about upliftment in the world, establish the ford of religion and have conquered their passions,
I shall sing the praises of those Arihantas, all twenty-four of whom are omniscient.
usabham ajiyam ca vande, sambhavam abhiandanam ca sumaim ca
paumappaham supāsam, jinam ca candappaham vande ॥2॥

I worship Rishabha, Ajita as well as Sambhava, Abhinandana and Sumati,
Padmaprabhu, Suparshva and Candraprabhu, Jinas all.
suvihim ca pupphadantam, siala-sijjamsa-vāsupujjam ca
vimalam anantam ca jinam, dhammam santim ca vandāmi ॥3॥

I worship Suvidhi/Pushpadanta, Shitala, Shreyamsa and Vasupujya,
Vimala, Ananta, Dharma and Shantinatha, Jinas all.
kunthum aram ca mallim, vande muisuvvayam nami-jinam ca
vandāmi ritthanemim, pāsam taha vaddhamānam ca ॥4॥

Kunthu, Ara and Malli, Munisuvrata and Nami, I worship them all.
I worship Arishtanemi, Parshva and Vardhamana too.
evam maye abhitthuā, vihuya rayamalā, pahiinajaramaranā
cauviisam pi jinavarā, titthayarā me pasiiyantu ॥5॥

Thus worshiped by me, may all twenty-four Jinas, Tirthankaras all,
Free from the blemish of karmas and from birth and old age, be pleased with me.
kittiya vandiya mahiyā, je e logassa uttamā siddhā
āruggam bohilābham, samāhivaram uttamam dintu

I sing their praises, worship them and deeply revere the supreme Siddhas
May I be blessed with health, knowledge and profound meditation.
candesu nimmalayarā, āiccesu ahiyam payāsayarā
sāgaravara gambhiirā, siddhā siddhim mama disantu

More blemishless than the moons, more illuminating than the suns,
Deeper than the oceans, may the Siddhas grant me liberation.

11 October 2009

Some Information on Nutrition for Vegetarians

Some Information on Nutrition for Vegetarians

Ahamindra Jain

Our body needs the following nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Fats and carbohydrates serve as direct sources of energy. Also, fats help the body absorb and use vitamins a, d, e, and k.

Carbohydrates are broken into simpler substances which are stored as glycogen. These also provide energy for body cells, particularly brain cells.

Proteins are essential for growth and maintenance. For the most part, blood, bone, brain tissue, muscles, etc., are made from proteins. The amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc., needed by a person depend on the age, height, build of the body, type of work, etc.

However, in general, a balanced diet should have about 12% protein, 48% carbohydrate, 10% sugar and 30% fat.

A compliment of eight amino acids-nine for kids- enables our body to build body proteins from the proteins in our food. No single plant protein has a compliment of all essential amino acids.

Thus we should consume complimentary proteins, where one food supplies the amino acid deficient in the other.

Some of the combinations are:Milk with peanut butter sandwich.Yogurt, grated cheese and cooked rice.Eggplant, mushrooms and tomato.Zucchini, broccoli and carrot.Spinach, cauliflower and red bell pepper.

Vegetarian Sources of Nutrients:
Protein: milk, cheese, beans, bean curd (tofu).

Fat: whole milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, vegetable oils.

Carbohydrates: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, milk.

Calcium - milk and milk products, dark green and leafy vegetables, asparagus, soybeans, and tofu.

Chloride - salt, milk.

Copper - cherries, mushrooms, whole grains, nuts.

Iodine - Iodized salt.

Magnesium - whole grains, peanuts, parsley, beet greens, yeast.

Phosphorus - milk, cheddar and cottage cheese, peas, lima beans.

Sulfur - fruits, vegetables.

Zinc - whole wheat cereal, maple syrup, peas.


A - while milk, butter, yellow and dark green leafy vegetables, cantaloupe, apricots.

B1,B2, B3, B6 - proteins listed above, grains,nuts, legumes, green and leafy vegetarians.

B12 - milk and milk products.

C - citrus fruits,green peppers.

D - fortified milk.

E - vegetable oils.

K - dark green and leafy vegetables, cabbage.


10 October 2009


jahaan tahaan taarave ko paar ke utaarave ko
sukh vistaarave ko yahi jinavaanii hai

To perceive everything, to help us reach our destination
To extend our bliss, this is the purpose of the scriptures.

09 October 2009


anubho bataayave ko jiiv ke jataayave ko
kaahu na sataayave ko bhavya ur aanii hai
To relate the teachings of the realised ones to all living beings,
(Scriptures are) are divine teachers, preaching that one must not hurt any living being.

08 October 2009


chaho dravya jaanave ko bandh vidhi bhaanave ko
aapaapar thaanave ko param pramaanii hai
To learn the six substances, to know how karmas get attached,
(Scriptures are) most reliable sources for ascertaining self from non-self.

06 October 2009

True Knowledge

mithyaamat naasave ko jnaan ke prakaashave ko
aapaapar bhaasave ko bhaan sii bakhaanii hai

To destroy deluded beliefs, to shed light on true knowledge,
(Scriptures are) like the Sun, differentiating self from non-self.

05 October 2009

Parshva Jina

kaahe ko desh dishaantar dhaavat,
kaahe rijaahvat ind narindkaahe ko devi au deva manaavat,
kaahe ko shiish navaavat chandkaahe ko suuraj so kar jorat,
kaahe nihorat muudhamunindkaahe ko schoh karain dinrain tuu,
Sevat kyon nahiin Parshvajinand

Why do you run from place to place,
why do you try to attract Indra and kings
Why do you try to appease demi-gods and demi-goddesses,
why worship the moonWhy do you pray to the sun,
why look towards hypocritical ascetics
Why do you worry day and night,
Why don't you serve Jina Parshva ?