07 December 2009

Bhaktamar Stotra by Acarya Manatunga # 23

tvaamaamananti munayah paramam pumaamsam
aadityavarnamamalam tamasah purastaat
tvaameva samyagupalabhya jayanti mrtyum
naanyah shivah shivapadasya muniindra panthaah [23]

tvAmAmanati munayaH paramaM pumAMsam
AdityavarNamalaM tamasaH purastAt
tvAmeva samyagupalabhya jayanti mRtyuM
nAnyaH zivaH zivapadasya munIndra panthAH [23]

O lord of the sages,
Sages consider you to be the supreme soul,
Pure, destroyer of darkness like the sun.
Upon truly attaining you, they conquer death.
Hence, there is no other auspicious path to liberation.

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