31 July 2009

Namotthunam Stotra (Translated)

Jay Jinendra

An English translation

Namotthunam arihantanam bhagavantanam aigaranam
Obeisance to all the Arihantas, the magnificent, founders of the path.

Titthayaranam sayamsambuddhanam purisuttamanam, purisasihanam
Founders of the religion, self-enlightened, great amongst men, lions amongst men.

Purisavarapundariyanam purisavaragandhahatthinam
Lotuses amongst men, fragrant elephants amongst men.

Loguttamanam loganahanam, loga hianam
Exalted in the world, masters of the world, benefactors of the world.

Logapaivanam logapajjoagaranam
Lamps of the world and its light.

Abhayadayanam cakkhudayanam maggadayanam saranadayanam
Granters of fearlessness, givers of eyesight, guides of the true path and providers of shelter.

Jivadayanam bohidayanam
Givers of life, granters of enlightenment.

Dhammadayanam dhammadesanayam dhammanayaganam dhammasarahinam
Givers of dharma, givers of sermon, heroes of the dharma and its charioteers.

Dhammavara cauranta cakkavattinam
Destroyers of the four modes of rebirth, great emperors of religion.

Divottanam saranagai paittha appadihayavara nanadamsanadharanam
Islands {for those drowning in the ocean of transmigration}, givers of shelter against rebirth, givers of prestige, holders of indestructible knowledge and perception.

Viattha chaumanam jinanam javayanam
Free of non-omniscience, victors, granters of victory.

Tinnanam tarayanam buddhanam bohayanam muttanam moyaganam
Omniscient ones, you help others {cross the ocean of transmigration}, enlightened ones, you spread enlightenment to others. You are free and help others free themselves.

Savvanunam savvadarisinam sivam ayalam aruam anantam akkhayam avvabaham
All-knowing, all-seeing, auspicious, immovable, free from all disease, endless, indestructible, unimpeded.

Apunaravittim siddhigainamadheyam thanam sampattanam
Free from the cycle of transmigration, attainers of the state of existence known as Siddhahood.

Namo jinanam jiyabhayanam
Obeisance to the Jinas, who have conquered fear itself.

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